The Tswela TimeTable is an on-line system that is fully integrated with the Edupac system.

Discover fast, easy, reliable timetable software for your school. Timetabling could not be easier with our simple colour-coded steps!
Free Trial
One Allocation Screen
Detailed online help files and videos
Competent Help Desk Support from 07:30 – 15:30
Web Based system – No Client side installations
Server-side upgrades – No patch downloads on Client side

Benefit to School

Reduced workload on internal IT staff
Latest software available from anywhere on the Internet
No client side installations
No data security hassles – no crashes and backup issues
Upgrades are free and don’t cost time to implement
The database is scalable – no additional cost for more data storage
Cost saving on server hardware


Setup Cycle, Periods, Grades, Classes, Buildings, Rooms and subjects
Assign Subjects to Grades
Define Spread (Time of Day)
Setup Rooms per Subject per Grade


Create General Activity Types (Assembly, Register, Breaks, Meetings)
Place General Activities on Timetable Grades, Classes, Educators and Rooms
Manually place subjects or subject groups where required
Generate Timetables that match your needs


Allocate Educators to Subjects or Subject Splits per Grade or Class
Define number of periods per subject, Splits (Quad, Triple, Double and Single Periods)
Link classes together in class groups for subjects or combinations
Create Subject combinations, groups (ties) for various subject choices


Basic Set-up and Utilization
Timetables for school, Grades, Classes, Educators and Rooms
Summary Timetables (Grouped by Day) for Classes, Educators, and Rooms
Educator Substitution

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General Information

school Information

grades & Classes

buildings & rooms