Our Education Transformation Model strategy assists emerging countries with sustainable commercial income models to support Education Transformation.


Governmnent in developing countries are responsible for accelerated schools connectivity roll-out but are facing challenges across regulatory, implementation and funding.

As part of an SPV, we offer a solution that links various schools' connectivity initiatives, also focusing on socio-economic transformation.

The solution offering addresses two of the most significant challenges in education - Funding and Connectivity.

The partnership supports Governments Stakeholders to meet their obligations and fast-track the achievement of goals outlined in their relevant development plans.

Executive Summary

The SPV stakeholders are from across the Education, ICT and Telecommunications sectors with extensive experience in their respective markets.

As Innovative Technology Companies, the key to the success of the offering is the commercial model that will enable education and socio-economic transformation at NO COST to government departments.


Connectivity in Community
Connectivity in Schools
Training & Development
ICT Hardware and Software
STEM Centers
Gaming, Coding & Robotics